Boost Your Property's Curb Appeal Overnight

Schedule exterior painting services in Litchfield, ME

Over time, harsh weather will start to take its toll on your building's exterior. When your paint starts peeling or fading, turn to Merrill Contracting for exterior painting services. Our pros in Litchfield, ME are prepared to repaint your siding, deck or fence efficiently.

Make an appointment with us today to take advantage of our exterior painting services.

Choose the right color for your space

White, black and beige are common colors that many people choose when they schedule interior painting services. But bold paint colors can really make your home stand out.

Consider choosing shades of:

  • Blue for spaces where you need to be productive like offices and workshops
  • Green for rooms where you want to relax like spas, bathrooms and bedrooms
  • Yellow for places where you want to boost appetites like kitchens and restaurants
  • Orange for spaces where you want to stimulate energy like gyms and playrooms
  • Red for areas where you want to promote lively conversation like living rooms and dining areas

Before you schedule interior painting services, discuss your color options with our pros. You can reach us at 207-485-2644.